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We've dedicated our lives to enhancing foot well-being. Helping healthcare professionals to have healthier, supremely well supported feet. Because we know what a lifetime of wearing ill-prepared and poorly designed footwear can do to your tender toes and hardpressed arches.

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Aktiv range
Aktiv Range
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Toffeln AktivKlog

£42.95 (inc. vat)

Toffeln EziKlog

£37.95 (inc. vat)

Toffeln FlexiKlog

£49.95 (inc. vat)

From long to short. Hairy to smooth. From well worn to barely touched the ground. The high archers and flat footers. Big toes and twinkly ones too. No matter, the shape or size we know you need peace of mind during your working hours. So now you can rest assured your feet are in good hands with our 12 month guarantee.

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Nurse Testimonial

To you, the healthcare professionals we say keep

"I love Toffeln shoes because they’re nice and light to wear. They're perfect for my working day."

Betty Eniafe, Student Nurse wearing AktivKlog