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Foot Heaven

Wore these on my 12 hour shift & my feet felt amazing


Walking on Air

Longing for comfort as working 5 days a week 12 hour shifts… boy are they so comfortable’


It’s like wearing slippers to work

As an NHS worker, we do long shifts stood our feet. These, I have got to say, have been a God send


A Godsend!

I have worked in the NHS for 30 years and finally found comfortable shoes!


One happy student nurse

These shoes are an absolute life saver - 13 hour shifts normally destroy my feet, calves and lower back but these have genuinely changed all that.


The Toffeln
Story of Comfort

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Since 1978 we’ve dedicated our lives to enhancing foot well-being.

Helping professionals to have healthier, supremely well supported feet. Because we know what a lifetime of wearing ill-prepared and poorly designed footwear can do to your tender toes and hardpressed arches. That’s why we devote our time to creating an advanced range of fully compliant, lovely looking footwear in collaboration with leading biomechanics researchers.

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